Fleece Lined Wheat Bag
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Fleece Backed Duo Wheat Bag

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These beautiful handcrafted microwavable duo wheat bags are made from 100% comforting cotton with a soft fleece backing and are available ​in unscented or with lavender.

The dual sided wheat bags, pair soft, breathable fleece that sits cosily against your skin with our gorgeous cotton fabrics. Comforting, warming and relaxing, a natural way to soothe aches and pains.

Filled with cleaned English wheat, they are available in either unscented or with added English lavender buds. 

Simply place the whole wheat bag in a clean microwave with a rotary turntable for 11/2 - 2 minutes at 500- 1000 watts. They can also be chilled in a freezer of the fridge for use on sprains. 

  • ·         Size: 43cm X 12cm approx.
  • ·         Complies with British Safety Standards - BS8433:2004
  • ·         Material 100% Cotton and fleece
  • ·         ​Made in Wiltshire, England
  • ·         Suitable for all ages over 36 months
  • ·         Can be wiped clean

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