Storm Chase Children's Wrist Warmers

Storm Chase Children's Wrist Warmers

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Stormchases outerwear wrist warmer has been specifically designed to be used for practically any sport or activity where comfort, warmth, support and grip are essential.

From Equestrian, Golf, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Watersports right through to Archery, Quad Biking, Gardening and Dog Walking, Stormchase wrist warmers will ensure maximum comfort at all times.

The wrist warmer is perfect for relieving the aches, pains and stiffness associated with arthritis. Providing therapeutic warmth and support they help increase circulation thus soothe aching joints and muscles.

The outerwear wrist warmer is comfortable, non restrictive and suitable for all day wear. The open fingers offer versatility to touch and feel.

On exceptionally cold days the Stormchase wrist warmers lend themselves perfectly to having a pair of gloves worn over them. Due to the fabric specifically selected for the palm of the hand, wearing gloves on top won’t interfere with grip or the ability to hold reins securely when riding.

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