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Hedgehog Party Lights

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Brighten up the room with the cute Honey the Hedgehog party lights, fitted with a BS standard plug. Honey doesn't like to get wet though, so remember these lights are for indoor use only. Please read the care information to ensure safe and satisfactory use of these lights.

Rated Voltage: 220/240V

Max Rated Wattage: 12W

Length of Chain: 3.3M (Approx)

Distance from plug to 1st bulb: 1.5M (Approx)

Care Information

Care Information. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure safe and satisfactory use of these lights:

1Do NOT operate these lights whilst in their packaging and ensure the set is fully unraveled before they are plugged in.

2The bulbs can be replaced (two pin push in bulbs) if one light should cease to function, the set will continue to work. (2 replacement bulbs included)

3Do NOT attempt to remove the decorative bulb covers.

4NEVER use outdoors; do not operate these lights in moist or humid conditions.

5Do NOT operate in a confined space or allow to come into contact with any flammable materials.

6Avoid damage to the wiring insulation, disconnect from the mains when not in use.

7Do NOT connect this set of lights to another set.

8These lights are for decorative purposes only.

Warning! Always disconnect from the mains supply before removing or inserting a bulb. This not a toy, keep away from children. 

•Rated Voltage: 220/240V

•Max Rated Wattage: 12W

•Length of Chain: 3.3M (Approx)

•Distance from plug to 1st bulb: 1.5M (Approx)

• Material: Metal, Plastic, Paper

• Dimensions: Length: 330 cm

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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