Dunoon Monarch Of The Glen Cairngorm Shape Mug

Dunoon Monarch Of The Glen Cairngorm Shape Mug

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Monarch of the Glen Cairngorm Shape Mug

Proud stags are portrayed on this generous mug from Dunoon. Heads raised high, displaying fine antlers, these animals are truly lords of all they survey. Artist Harrison Ripley has painted the scene using broad watercolour strokes, which suits the airy Scottish landscape he has captured. A fine mug, suitable for animal lovers, those who love the outdoors, lovers of Scotland, and, perhaps, even husbands to be? 

Harrison Ripley is known for his floral, seascape and animal designs. His images have been used on a variety of items including stationery and have translated beautifully onto the Dunoon mug.

The 'Cairngorm' shape, named after the eponymous Scottish Mountains, is a larger version of the Lomond shape mugs. It has a gentle slope to the body and a curved handle. With a range of fabulous designs to choose from this 'oversized' mug is a must. With a capacity of 480ml they are both dishwasher and microwave safe, with the exception of any mugs with gold embellishment.

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