Dunoon Hunting Orkney Shape Mug

Dunoon Hunting Orkney Shape Mug

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Dunoon Hunting Orkney Shaped Mug

The straight sided shape of Dunoon’s Orkney mug provides the perfect canvas for Richard Partis’s intricate Hunting design. Set against the crisp white of the fine, bone china, the illustration features a huntsman on his horse, surrounded by hounds as they gallop through the countryside. Surrounding the main image are various items relating to the hunt including a hunting crop, horn and a hip flask.  Whilst fox hunting was banned in 2004, many hunts still fulfil the tradition by following an artificial scent, and this wonderful design celebrates just that. At the bottom of the image, the words ‘Hunting’ is printed in a blue cursive font, matching that of the handle whilst the inside rim features a small illustration of a single hound, pulling the whole piece together. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys hunting or spectating, this lovely mug makes is the perfect household addition for family, friends or loved ones.

The elegant simplicity of the Orkney shape becomes the canvas for some of the boldest patterns and brightest designs Dunoon have ever launched. The shape of the mug has been named after a quiet Scottish idyll in the north-eastern coast of Scotland, this time drawing inspiration from the beautiful 5000 year old sights and pretty preserved village.

Richard Partis was born in Somerset in 1964. Growing up in the Wiltshire countryside he developed a great love of the natural world and a desire to be able to paint its beauty in great detail. After gaining an Honours Degree in Graphic Design at Bath Academy of Art he started a long and successful career as a freelance artist and illustrator. Richard has worked for Dunoon for over 20 years painting highly detailed watercolour paintings of birds and animals, landscapes and flowers, tractors and spitfires and many more designs from musical instruments to leaping salmon. 

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